August 5, 2005


While I'm doing things around the house I frequently have CMT on the TV so I can listen to the music. Well, this afternoon was no exception. However, while going about my business I heard a song that actually made me stop, sit down and listen. It touched me in a way few songs do. It made me think about how fortunate we are as Americans that young men and women love their country enough to fight for it and the freedoms she affords us. If you have a few minutes just click on the title of this blog entry. That will take you to Under the "Videos" section click on "Arlington." After a brief movie trailer you'll see the complete video of this amazing song. I hope the words touch you as they did me.

And, since I'm on the subject of the military, I have to salute my oldest brother. His name is James and he's been in the U.S. Air Force since 1982. He's now a Master Sargeant. We're all so very proud of him for dedicating his life to our country. I've written a "poem" in his honor......

Me, You & Him
I've know him longer than you;
But you've seen him more.
He's known me from my first breath;
You have never even seen me.
I love him dearly and always will;
He'll be forever true to you.
I see him seldom;
You see him every day.
I'm extremely proud of him;
He's proud to be a part of you.
How I wish he would come home;
You are “home” to him.
I enjoy daily freedom;
Through you he provides it.
He'll always be my hero;
You should reward him greatly.
© Shane Hawk 2005

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  1. Jim Cook11:28 PM

    That is real nice Sis!


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