August 16, 2005

A week of "fun!"

Garrett getting water for his moat Payton in surf Whew! We've just returned from our annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C. We took hubby's mom with us again this year. What a blessing she is. She's more like a nanny than a "Nana" (which is what the boys call her). She let hubby and I sleep in each morning while she took the boys down to the pool. After a late breakfast we'd mosie down around noon or so. It was quite enjoyable needless to say.

Payton at Myrtle Waves water park Garrett having a blast at Myrtle Waves water park We set out on several new adventures this year. First off, we spent a day at Myrtle Waves Water Park. For the price you pay, you have to stay until they kick you out to get your monies worth! But, the boys really enjoyed the slides, lazy river and the wave pool. The highlight of the day had to be when Bubby lost his pants. About every 10 minutes this huge volcano that is over the kid's play area erupts and tons of water comes crashing down onto the unsuspecting victims below. Well, needless to say, he was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The water hit him with such force that his swimming trunks were around his ankles in no time flat.

Payton takes the checkered flag!The next day we tried the Nascar SpeedPark. Bubby, to be only 8, was actually a really good driver. I hope that's some sort of indication for the future. Tater Tot, on the other hand, you'd better watch out for in a few years. He all but got ejected from the park. There were little race car go carts specifically designed for 4 - 6 year olds. Okay, not many kids that age can read, right? So, why then do they post "no bumping" signs all along the track. That was the best part of the whole experience for Tater. He bumped his way to first place every single race! Go, Tater Tot!!

Mom & boys taking a break from putt putting Of course since hubby didn't take his golf clubs this year, he was more than eager to take the boys for a fun filled round of putt-putt. Bubby even got a whole in one, legally! Tater managed to get a "2" on every single hole. Of course, it could have something to do with him hitting the ball and then picking it up and setting it down right beside the hole every time.

Boys getting ready to The boys both insisted on visiting the Build-A-Bear store again. We couldn't really object however, because they had earned their own money before we left. Bubby bought, stuffed, fluffed and dressed "Brownie." Tater did the same with "Rhino." And, they came out broke but happy.

Boys inside Ripley's Aquarium Mom, Nana, Garrett & Payton in the tunnel at Ripley's Aquarium We also visited Ripley's Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach. The Titanic exhibit has amazing, for us adults anyway. The boys just didn't get what all the hoop-la was about. The most chilling thing in the exhibit was the water. You could actually stick your hand into a dark hole and see what 26 degree water feels like. I could barely stand to leave my hand in for 20 seconds. It's unthinkable that so many people perished in the same icy water.

Scooby's gang and mine too. Garrett and Spongebob Upon leaving the beach Friday the boys thought we were on our way home, which is just how we wanted it. They were shocked when, 4 hours later, we pulled into another hotel. We surprised them with a day at Carowinds amusement park all day Saturday. They had the time of their young lives. Tater couldn't get over the fact that people would actually "glitter" at the park though. What? Why do you have that funny look on your face? You do know what "glitter" is right? Okay, let me translate..."glitter" = litter...pretty cute huh? They also got to meet their hero...SpongeBob Square Pants in "person." Although it was in the high 90's, it didn't bother the boys one bit. The day was full of fun and excited and a little drama. During the middle of the day, Bubby lost a tooth that had been fairly loose all week. He freaked out because he was afraid the tooth fairy wouldn't know he was in a hotel. Tater decided to sleep with Bubby that night so he could see the tooth fairy. Much to our surprise, he informed us Sunday morning that he had indeed seen her. Apparently she wears a pink dress and has pink eyes. She also came in through the window he said. She didn't open it, just "floated right through it!" Bubby couldn't have cared less what she looked like. He was just elated that she found him and left him $5.00.

Extending our vacation as long as possible, we stopped at the Prime Outlet Mall on our way home Sunday. We couldn't possibly go home with left over vacation money now could we? We did find a few good deals but were happy to finally be home by 6:00pm.

I'm happy to report that as of now, Tuesday evening, the suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is done (although not all put away) and life has returned to normal. Our next big adventure is the start of school on Monday the 21st. So hard to believe that the long, leisurely days of summer are all but over. We'll soon be back in the grind of homework and early bed times. I just hope the boys have had a fun, memorable summer. After all, when you're a kid you live for summers, right?

Boys outside Ripley's Aquarium

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