September 26, 2005

What Are You Doing This Halloween?

Well, our family will be involved in the ordinary Halloween activities of course. From school parties to our annual block party to the kid's favorite, trick-or-treating. However, in addition to all of the fun stuff, I think it's important to take advantage of Halloween night in another way.....Trick-or-treating for Unicef. I remember doing this every year when I was a child. Our BYF (Baptist Youth Fellowship) group would canvas the local neighborhoods in hopes of filling our orange boxes with as much change as possible. People were always so kind and gave something. In the case of Unicef, every penny really does count. Did you know that:

  • $30 provides lifesaving antibiotics for a child suffering from pneumonia.
  • $1immunizess a child against the deadly disease measles.
  • $2.50 buys basic school supplies for one child.
  • $10 provides enough high-protein biscuits to feed three hungry children for one month.
  • $150 pays for a small well to provide clean water for an entire village.

Isn't it just amazing? For less than the price of a can of pop you can help a child with pneumonia? If you would like to participate in this years trick-or-treat for Unicef campaign, I know they'd be grateful. It couldn't be easier to do either. Just visit their website, request your free box(s) and collect. They also provide simple instructions for forwarding the money to them. In addition, they even go so far as to tell you what to say! How much easier could it be?

Another worthwhile cause is collecting used eye glasses for Sight Night, a project that donates glasses to countries in need. Having worn glasses myself since the age of seven (27 years), I couldn't imagine having to go without them. The sight night website provides easy to follow instructions to request the necessary free material.

We'll let you know how we do. Happy Collecting!

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