September 24, 2005

What Have I Done to Myself?'s never an enjoyable experience. This fact is especially true when you're the parent and you're the one dishing it out. I absolutely hate to punish our boys. I realize, however, that it is a necessary part of parenthood & childhood. They have to realize that there are set rules that we require them to follow. Our "rules" are quite simple:

  1. Don't stand in the middle of the road
  2. Don't eat worms
  3. Say thank you & please
  4. Tell us where you're going

Now, most recently Tater Tot (5 years old) broke rule #4. He asked to go to a friends house (3 doors down) and play. I told him he could go. Then, 30 minutes later when I needed to go somewhere, I went to get him and no one was home. I knew immediately where he'd his other friends house a few houses in the other direction. I went over there and my hunch was confirmed. He's been told time and time again to let me know if he's not going to be where he initially told me he'd be. I even asked him what he did wrong and he told me exactly. Therefore, he knew what he'd done was wrong. This required a punishment, there was just no getting around it. I grounded him for the rest of the day (it was 2:00 when this happened). When they're grounded that means they're not allowed to step foot outside of the house unless it is on fire.

Keeping this in mind, I will digress to yesterday when Darrin and I grounded our oldest son, Bubby, for two days. He was told specifically not to do something and did it anyway. Of course being the drama king he is, he tried to wiggle his way out of being punishment every way possible, to no avail though.

Now, just sit back and picture our house this weekend. Hubby works until 6:00pm both Saturday and Sunday. I, on the other hand, am the one home with two confined boys for the weekend! I am about to pull my hair out! I love them dearly but what have I done to myself? What was I thinking? I know they need to be punished but why do I have to be? They have been right on my heels all day. I go into the bath room, sit down, look up and there they are staring at me. I'm thinking there's got to be a better way. How do I get the point across that we expect them to follow the rules we have set for them and keep my sanity at the same time? Who came up with grounding anyway? I sure would like to talk to 'em for a minute or ten.

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