October 30, 2005

A Big Day in the Life of Tater Tot

Today was quite a day for Tater. It was time for a new pair of tennis shoes. His size 12 Reeboks just couldn't last another day. Not only had he worn them out, they were too small. Since he's now five, I decided to let him pick out the new shoes all by himself. We were are "Shoe Carnival" for at least 15 minutes before he finally decided on the perfect pair. He had a smile bigger than ever when he finally found them. As it turns out, he chose a pair of size 13 Nike high tops. His very first pair of high tops! Since dad was at work when we bought them, he insisted on going straight there to show him. He was so proud. He showed him several times how fast they made him run. Now he's super excited about Upward Basketball starting. According to him, he's going to "run faster and jump higher than everybody else" all because of these shoes. Do you think advertising has influenced him very much? Who knows, maybe he'll be the next Michael Jordan. Then, he can pay me back for those shoes.

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