October 29, 2005

That's our Bo!

I just love this picture. I took it on our way back from WV last week. He likes to ride in the back of our SUV on trips. He sleeps for a while and then jumps up on the luggage to get a better few for a bit. He's only been in our lives for 9 months now, but we'd be lost without him. He follows me around from room to room and can't wait for me to sit still long enough to get some lovin'. Of course he sleep with hubby and I too. We wouldn't have it any other way. He's even learned his nickname...Bozie. He answers to both. Now is that smart pup or what? His official name is "Little Bit Bogart"...."Bo" for short. He'll be celebrating his first birthday on January 5th, 2006. Mine and Darrin's birthdays are also in January. Isn't that just so sweet?

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