January 8, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, Bo

Bo eating his birthday cake

Happy #1 Bo!

January 5, 2006 was Little Bit Bogart's (Bo, Bozie) very first birthday. When asked how he felt about turning the big 0..1 here's what he had to say: "Ruff, ruff, whoof. Arrf." Okay, I'm no expert in doggie lingo but I think that was "it feels great to be a dog today." After all, he's no longer considered a puppy, he's a full fledged dog now. He knows he has little shoes to fill after the passing of his big brother, Bam Bam, three weeks ago. He's got his own little cute quirks and we're so glad he joined our family ten months ago. We love you "Bozie!"

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