January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

January 14, 2006 was my 35th birthday. Darrin's parents came down from N.C. to help celebrate. (My mom and step-dad are vacationing in C.A. for a couple of months) We went out to eat at my favorite local restaurant, Fatz. Then, we came home for some cake and gift opening. The boys decorated my birthday cake all by their selves and I absolutely loved it. It looked like the thing was going to go up in flames it had so many candles on it though. Darrin added to my Fiestaware collection... he got me two serving platters, two serving bowls and a spoon rest. The boys got me a massage mat, nice. Dan and Lorane got me a much needed set of pots and pans. My mom gave me money which went towards new high lights for my hair a week ago. I received cards and telephone calls from family and friends which was so nice. I'm so thankful that I was able to spend the day with those I love. Thanks everybody!

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTH DAY SHANE. Please e-mail me a piece of that decorated (by hands) birthday cake. It would go good with this 2nd cup of supper Folgers I'm sipping on. Just 35, that was my age back on January 24th, 1960. Yes I know that was 46 years ago, doesn't seem like it has been that long. Lets see now, in 46 years, 2052 you will be at my age now. No, you figure that out, but I'll be 81 a week from tomorrow. Just trying to make your math easy for you. Great pictures of two up and coming West Virginia University basketball players too. Maxine sends her best wishes too.

    Uncle Barbe

  2. Happy Birthday Shane! The boys did a great job decorating your cake. How sweet!

  3. Shane, Just catching up on your wonderful blog. I'm a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY - 35, eh? You are just a baby. I do remember when you were a little blond cutie and always so inquisitive and adorable. I'm sure very little has changed. As you can imagine, it's a little tense right now - my Dad is waiting to hear how Aunt Clara is doing and so far, the reports aren't too encouraging. I know my parents are very worried and are probably debating as to whether they should make a trip to WV, but right now, only family is allowed in and so they wait, and pray. I love Aunt Clara and it's hard to imagine her this sick.
    Anyway, didn't mean to take up too much space. I'm going back to your blog and read some more. I hope you did something fun on your birthday. Mine is coming up - February 6th I will be 46! How can that be possible? Actually, I'm thrilled to be around to celebrate it.
    Take care and love to all of you,

    Susie in Wilmington


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