January 28, 2006

Questions from Tater Tot

Just a few more of Tater's observations to share with you....

  • Day before yesterday he asked me if Jesus was in the sun. I replied, "no, why?" He said, "Well, I thought he was the Light?"
  • "Pizza starts with P, right?" "Yes." "And, cookie starts with... almost a circle."
  • "Will there be toys in heaven?" "Yes." "Well, do you think Papaw Otis is playing with my toys right now?"
  • He refers to Pilot Mountain in North Carolina as "the big bump."
  • He recently said something that I didn't understand so I said, "beg your pardon?" He repeated what he had said. A few minutes later he said, "I know, from now on I'll beg my pardon and you beg your pardon. Okay?"
  • One of our dogs was outside wanting in and scratching at the door. I asked Tater to go let him in. On his way to do so he said, "okay, okay, hold your cows!"

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