January 8, 2006

Upward Basketball is in full swing...

Bubby getting a little action in yesterday's game

Tater waiting for play to resume

Tater shoots....and he scores. He made 12 points yesterday!

Bubby chillin' with his buddies

Upward Basketball started back in December. This is Tater's second year and Bubby's first. They're both really enjoying it and it's such great exercise for them both. Tater has improved 100% since last year when he could barely get the ball up to the goal. Now he's averaging 8 - 10 points a game. Bubby is just getting the feel of it and is doing a fantastic job of assisting his fellow team mates. He's tall and can really pull down the rebounds. The season goes through March and then they'll attend the annual awards night which is huge in the eyes of a 5 and 8 year old. Stay tuned for more pictures to come I'm sure.

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