January 8, 2006

Gingerbread Houses

Bubby proudly displaying his creation

Bubby's is still nicely preserved

Tater's "unusual" creation

Tater proudly displaying his house before he demolished and ate it.

The boy's classes each made gingerbread houses during Christmas, sort of. Tater's preschool class made theirs on 12/9/05, early in the season. Bubby's class was scheduled to make theirs the next to last day before school was out for the Christmas break. However, since the ice storm hit our area that day, school was cancelled. They just made theirs this past Thursday, Jan. 5th.

Tater's house was leveled soon after I took the above picture. He ate almost all of it. Bubby's, on the other hand, is still nicely preserved and displayed on our kitchen counter. Keeping Payton out of it has proved to be quite the challenge though.

It's sort of hard to notice, but if you'll look really hard, you'll see a "gun" sticking out of the front of Tater's house.

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