March 4, 2006

Boy's Night Out

Darrin and Tater Tot went to see the Freestyle Motocross tour tonight. (Garrett and I decided to sit this one out.) Payton was totally in his element. Notice his shirt in the picture? He has had it laid out since Monday! He was so excited and told me all about it when they got home. "There was this...and it did that...and you should've seen..." His very favorite part? "When the lady was shot out of the cannon and landed far away in the net." Soon before collapsing on our bed he said "those dirt bikes sure wore me out."

Garrett and I took advantage of the opportunity and went to see a movie. I let him choose what we'd see (mistake). We saw "The Pink Panther." He loved it and laughed throughout the entire movie. I'm not a big fan of slap stick comedy and just couldn't wait for it to be over. Afterwards, I let him pick where we'd go eat (mistake #2). So, we were off to Burger King. He's collecting the Spongebob Squarepants Lost in Time toys that come in their kid's meal. He has five and there are twenty! I just don't think I can eat there fifteen more times in the next month.

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