March 2, 2006

Tater Tot's K4 Class Olympics

Today Payton's class held their Class Olympics. Yeah, it was a little late, but his teacher was sick last week. It went really well and the kids had a blast. They "competed" in the following events:

  • Cotton ball shot put
  • Broad jump
  • Paper plate discus throw
  • High jump
  • Side step
  • Straw javelin throw
  • Obstacle course

They each designed their own flags and then proudly carried them through each classroom during the "Parade of Nations." After the competition was over they were ready for a snack. One of the mom's made mini torch cakes by baking cake mix right in an ice cream cone. Then, she frosted them with orange icing and put red sprinkles on top. Perfect (and yummy) torches! At the end they each received gold medals. After all, they were all winners. I was so glad that I volunteered to help out today. It was a joy to share Payton's day with him and watch him with his friends. I think he was happy I was there as well.

P.S. -- Since this is my blog I guess it's okay to brag about my child a little, right? Payton completed the obstacle course in the fastest time: 17 seconds. He also won the high jump event! Way to go, Payton.

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