March 26, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday, Garrett!

Garrett turned 9 years old on March 24th. We celebrated by having a party the next day (Saturday) at our house. He invited all of his classmates from school and a few neighborhood kids. In all we had 14 kids here and that was plenty!

We rented a jump house for him, which he absolutely loved. It was used every single second of the three hours we had it. He got lots of cool gifts...Spongebob Square Pants stuff, Magnetix set, Clemson attire and money to name just a few.

I think his favorite was the Spongebob dvd player for his and Payton's playroom. Today I took him out shopping so he could spend his money. He made some really good choices I camera (kids version) and a Kidz Bop 9 cd. The rest of his money is safe in his wallet, for now. Thanks to everyone that called or sent him a card. He said this was "totally the best birthday ever."

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  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, GARRETT!! Glad he had such a grand time during his party. Ironically, my two sons who share the same birth date is celebrating theirs today....April 1st. It's not a joke. My mom's birthday is also April 1st too.

    I hope they have a good time as well.


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