March 19, 2006

Tater Tot found Dinosaur Bones!

Last week at Tater's preschool they studied about dinosaurs. He has to have the best preschool teacher ever. She's so adventurous and brave. She took large dogggie Milk Bones, painted them white and then hid them around the outside of the school. Then, the children went on an expedition to find them. She also made a volcano and the kids got to watch it erupt. The next day, they made their own individual ones to take home. She even included the recipe (baking soda and vinegar) so they could recreate the eruption at home. Payton just loved the dinosaur unit and even took some of his own books on the subject to share with his class. We tried to display his work on our refrigerator but the dogs quickly took a liking to it and wouldn't leave it alone (yummy). This week, they're learning about space and astronauts. Who knows what fun she has in store for them next. Thanks for your enthusiasm Mrs. Catalana!

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  1. makes me wish my children's teachers were as bright and adventurous as yours is. where i live, kids are made to suffer in school. to them, learning is a form of torture...never enjoyment.


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