April 4, 2006

Payton's very first soccer game...

Tonight was Payton's very first soccer game ever. He's playing for the YMCA and his team's name is the Golden Lions. He was one of the players chosen to start the first quarter and was so excited. As soon as it started he kicked the ball and took it straight to the goal. The first goal of the season! When it was his turn to sit out and let his other team mates have a turn to play he patiently sat on the sidelines and watched. Once, the ball game right in front of him so he jumped up (off of the side lines) and kicked it. He's not quite got all of the rules down yet. At the end of the game it was tied 3 - 3, with Payton making two of the goals for his team. He did a great job and stayed right on the ball. He can't wait until his next game which is in two days. Stay tuned for more to come...

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Is Payton the one who loves planes? He might also want to see the Airbus website, it has tons of jumbo jet videos. :)

    I wish our local Y were as active as those in the US. Soccer does look like fun. :)


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