April 18, 2006

Spring Break in West Virginia

Payton, Garrett, Marina & Cody

Payton "painting" his egg

Garrett waiting for his eggs to "get really dark"

Last week was spring break for the boys. As usual, we headed to WV to see friends and family. While we were there I had my cousin's children down to my mom's and they, along with Garrett & Payton, colored Easter eggs. They used the traditional method of dunking them in a color bath. I also bought them an Easter egg painting set. They liked it much better. The eggs, as you can see, turned out beautifully. I also hid 92 candy filled eggs all around the yard for the four of them to hunt for. They all ended up with quite the load when all was said and done. We also learned a few things on our trip...
  • according to Payton the trees in West Virginia are "naked" (they have no leaves on them yet)
  • it's "3 movies to Gee's house" (The boys never ask how long something will take. It's always how many movies will it take!)
  • it's "much cooler" to watch the DVD player while going through the tunnels (we go through two between here and WV)
  • when leaving the south and wearing shorts, don't expect it to still be "shorts weather" when you reach WV (Burrrrrr!)
  • truckers are still kind enough to enlighten kids (namely mine) when they give the "blow your horn signal"
  • the boys never want to move back to "mom and dad's town" because there is no Chuck E. Cheese (shoot...there are only 1,500 people in the whole town)

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  1. I wish we lived 3 movies away. I think it was more like 8 movies, or every Thomas video ever made for us. We are going up in June, can't wait.


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