April 20, 2006


Well, here's a shot of Payton's latest injury. It's inevitable that it's going to happen, especially to Payton. When he comes in the house crying I know something is wrong and I'm usually afraid to look. Today was no different. It took him a while to calm down from this one. We applied plenty of ice and gave him Motrin for the pain. Now, four hours later, he's perfectly fine he says. Okay, I know you're wondering how this one happened....he was riding Garrett's go cart (without his helmet!) and came barreling into the garage. He didn't stop in time and ran into our old king size mattress and box spring that is leaning up against the garage wall. They both came down on top of him. Of course the bottom of the box spring is what hit him. He did learn a valuable lesson from it all though....WEAR YOUR HELMET!

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