February 6, 2007

The things they'll say...

"Hold your cows" (instead of horses I suppose) -- Tater

"Look mom, it's a '54 catarack!" (cadillac) -- Tater

"shamp lade" instead of lamp shade -- Garrett

"If they get in my way I just knock them down. Because, you know, life isn't always easy." -- Tater Tot referring to playing soccer

After he recently burped, I asked Tater what he should say. Without even hesitating he replied, "Thank you God for letting me be able to burp."


  1. I think the blog looks great. I might have to have them do mine sometime.

    Love the WV gear!

  2. I love "Thank you God for letting me be able to burp." It's good to be thankful in all things!

  3. Oh girl we do have a lot in common I too am surrounded by males....

    I loved these phrases, very cute.


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