May 6, 2006

Family Night at K4

Payton & his teacher

Payton & his best friend, Josh

Last night was "Family Fun Night" at Payton's preschool. First we visited his classroom and saw all of the things he and his classmates have been working on. We also got to see a scrapbook that is a "work in progress" that his teacher is making for each child's parents. She has taken pictures throughout the year of all the activities, field trips, etc. that they have done. Isn't that so sweet (and so much extra work on her part)? Then, we all went into the sanctuary (his K4 is in a church) and listened to each class sing several songs. Payton's class sang "Who Let the Letters Out?" It's to the tune of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" but the words are different. It went something like this: Who let the A out? a-a-a (making the short a sound); who let the B out? b-b-b (making the b sound), etc. They did the entire alphabet. It was just adorable. They did a few others as well, but that was the high light. Finally, we all went into the gymnasium and had refreshments. It was such a fun evening and Payton really enjoyed being the center of attention of course. He only has three weeks left of K4. It's just unimaginable that he'll be going off the kindergarten this fall. Boo hoo!! :(

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