May 15, 2006

Mother's Day...a little early

When Payton came home from K4 on Friday he was so excited that he could hardly stand it. He had a brightly wrapped package in his hands and was just dying for my to open it. Although it was for Mother's Day he didn't want me to wait two more days. So, I gladly obliged him and hurriedly opened it. Inside was a nicely decorated frame with his picture on one side and a drawing of he & I on the other. The picture was taken a few days before by his K4 teacher. It just so happened that that was the day he and his dad went wild and fixed his hair in a mohawk! Priceless, right? That's not all either. He then handed me a little booklet with a bright pink cover. It was entitled: "K-4 Moms." All of the kids in his class were asked questions about their moms for mother's day and then their teacher wrote down their exact answers. This is Payton's "Mommy Fact Sheet:"

Age: oh...I don't know that...maybe, that's a little boy...I think 13
Height: Bigger than that mirror over there
Weight: 40 one hundred and one pounds
Hair Color:, blonde. Does that mean she can't see?
Favorite color: pink
Favorite food: I would say some scampi's and salad
Favorite drink: Coke
Favorite place to go: Wal-Mart
Likes to: eat...I mean, go to stores...and lay around
I love her because: she is so darn pretty!

"So darn pretty!" How sweet is that? He was sitting in front of me on top of my desk while I was reading it. When I had finished I said, "Aw, Payton, that is so sweet." I leaned forward to give him a kiss and guess what he did? In true Payton fashion, he pooted!! He just thought that was so hilarious.....and I did too actually. Thanks, Tater Tot.

p.s. -- the "scampi's" he's referring to is shrimp scampi and I do love it.


  1. That is great. I see he got your love for coke and I just love that he captured that you like to lay around...who doesn't like to do that? What a sweet little dude. Sounds like you had a great MOthers day.

  2. That's pretty funny! I love that picture.


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