May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to me

This, my tenth mother's day, was great! We spent the weekend in Pilot Mountain, N.C. with my in-laws. Darrin's brother also came down. Going to the in-laws may not seem like a nice way to spend your special day, but it is for me. They're really and truly great people. I guess I lucked out in that department. They've known me since I was three years old! Anyway, we spent the day Saturday at "Mayfest" in downtown Pilot Mountain. There were tons of booths to browse around in, a few carnival rides and inflatables for the kids, a rock wall just waiting to be climbed, a huge car show and tons of food. The boys even took time to make their very own sand art creation (they both picked aliens). It was perfect weather too. Not too hot, just comfortable. I was even lucky enough to find my own mom's day gift there! I got a handmade ring, necklace and earrings from one of the vendors. They are just gorgeous and I love them. Darrin had also given me something I'd been wanting for a while before we under the cabinet radio/cd player for the kitchen. I enjoy listening to music while I'm cooking, cleaning, etc. Sunday we went out to eat of course and then gave Darrin's mom her gifts. He got her a Longaberger purse and a pair of earrings (I'm sure she knew I actually picked them out). We hung around just visiting until 8:00 and then made the three hour trip home. It was really a great way to spend the weekend and we really enjoyed it. I hope you all had a great Mother's Day as well!

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  1. Hi, came here from Rose's place.

    I lived in Winston-Salem in the late 90s and I remember Pilot Mountain! So, so beautiful up there. We used to love to hike and climb up near Hanging Rock, too. So many wonderful memories near there!


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