June 5, 2006

Set your books free

In this month's issue of Upstate Parent magazine there is an article entitled "Set it free." The author tells how you can "clean off your bookshelves by sharing with others." Wonder what exactly that means? Well I did too...read on. "The idea is simple," she says. "Clean off your bookshelf, register your books on the site and release them into the wild by leaving them where another book lover can find them, such as a park bench." What, give my books away? It sounded crazy at first. However, once I read on and visited the website, I was excited and ready to participate. The site even provides printable bookmarks and stickers that let the "finder" know the book is there's for the taking. Then, hopefully, the "finder" will visit the website and tell what book was found and exactly where it was found. Isn't that such a great idea? What a wonderful way to share books that you (or your children) are finished reading? I've already registered and plan to let some our books go out into the wild within the next few days. If you're interested and want to join in, visit their website at BookCrossing.com for more detailed information.

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  1. I am definitely going to do this once I get home. I have scores of books that I can get an entire dime for at the used book store and this sounds much more fun. Thanks for the info.


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