June 17, 2006


(I call this his "Buddy Holly" picture)

Payton was picking out a shirt for his dad for father's day. He found a nice blue one and asked me what it said. I told him, "When I grow up I want to be just like my dad!" He said, "oh, no... I don't want that one!" Why in the world would he say that I thought. Then he continued..."I don't want to be bald when I get big!!"

A few days later he asked me why the top of daddy's head was bald. I told him because that's the way God made him. He then said, "Do you think God will do that to me when I'm big?"

After eating out recently Garrett wanted to take his drink with him when we left. Payton said, "You can't do that, dad will have a cow!" He then asked his dad why they weren't allowed to eat or drink in his car. Darrin told him, "Well, I'll tell you what my dad told me...when you're older and have kids of your own, you'll understand why." Payton replied, "well I'll tell you one thing, I don't understand today!"

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

We love you...bald head and all!!

P.S. -- Payton's nickname is "Tater", hence the title of this post.

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