June 14, 2006

Vacation Bible School 2006

This week the boys have been attending Vacation Bible School with a neighbor friend of theirs at Taylors First Baptist Church. (We're going to be on vacation when our church has theirs) The theme this year is "Arctic Edge." Garrett & his friend Turner are in the burgundy group and Payton is in the Purple group. That means each day they wear the appropriate color bandana and go on the Arctic Edge adventure. Tonight was the open house. Boy, has VBS changed since I was young enough to go. The evening started off with a scrumptious dinner.
Then we were off to listen to some really upbeat VBS songs. We then toured each of the boy's classrooms. Each was set up with a tent and hiking gear to carry on the theme. The boys have just two more days to go and then it will be over. They're having a great week though!


  1. This is the same VBS we are doing at my parent's church this week. I agree with you, VBS is just not the same as it used to be. Although, it is quite fun and entertaining for the kids. I am the craft lady this year. fun fun fun!
    Next week they are having VBS at our church, the theme is Viva Latin America. Then the next week we are going to my aunt's which is Artic Edge too. 3 weeks of Bible school while school is out...rocks. Keeps them sooo busy and occupied (and out of trouble). I guess you can never have too much Bible schooling right?

  2. I have been having the hardest time getting your comment box to come up the past couple days. Maybe it's because I am on the dreaded dial up here.

    I hated VBS as a child because being southern baptist (at that time) their main goal in the seventies was the scare the crap out of you and make you believe you were going to burn in hell unless you were baptized, and I had a fear of water, SOOO...not one of my better memories.

    The churches in TX won't sign the kids up for VBS until first grade so we have to wait another year. It does look like your kids have had a good time this week though. AND we saw Cars this week, awesome movie. I would see it again if it weren't so expensive.


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