July 19, 2006

Over the Hill...

Danny (my brother-in-law) is officially over the hill and old as mold! He turned the big 40 on July 13th. While in North Carolina this past weekend, we helped him celebrate this milestone. We decorated with black everything...banners, streamers, balloons, you name it. We didn't want to go too far as it will soon be mine and Darrin's turn to take that trip over the hill. However, Danny took it all in stride and we all enjoyed the evening. His favorite gift you ask? Well, his hat of course. We couldn't get him to take the thing off all night! Right, Danny??

Surprise....you're over the hill!

Not wanting to burn the house down, we just used a few "40" candles on his cake.

I printed some really cool stuff off of the web for him. He found out who shares his birthday, what was popular when he was born (movies, songs, etc.), the cost of things when he was born, etc. Here are a few of the sites I used if you're interest.

Happy 40th, Danny....

I hope it's your best year ever!

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  1. It looks like his birthday is the day after mine (13th). Happy Belated Birthday to him!


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