July 20, 2006

A Salute to My Grandmother

Me & my Mamaw

Garrett & his Nana
Garrett spent the last 1 1/2 weeks with his Nana & Papa (Darrin's parents) in North Carolina. He was in absolute heaven. He's always been closer to her than any of his other grandparents. She just "gets" him I think. Anyway, when the time came for him to come home this past Monday, he was so very sad. He begged us to please, please just let him stay one more night and things would be so much better. I felt so bad for him. I can't imagine how hard it must be to not be able to see your Nana whenever you want. After all, Garrett's is 3 hours away from her. That's a little too far to just pop in when ever.
I was so very fortunate growing up to have my grandparents just a mile up the road. I could see them whenever my little heart desired. I could easily walk from my house to my Papaw's new car lot as it was only about 100 yards from my house. Spending time at Mamaw and Papaw's was always the best times for me. She doted on me from morning 'til night. Breakfast served to me on a tray, picnic lunches under the maple tree in the front yard, playing church and using the stairs as the pews, playing beauty shop, tucking me in and saying my nightly prayer with me....it was just a dream. I spent tons of weekends up there and most of my summer days as well. I only wish Garrett were able to do the same. Grandparents are such a tremendously important part of a child's life and our boys are missing out on that. If that could possibly be changed we would, but we sort of have to live where the work is, huh?


  1. We are in the same boat. Jacob is really close to his Gammy. When he was smaller he sometimes would tell her she was his other mama. That is why when we go up there we stay a long time. He never gets tired of being there and he sobs until he is sick when it is time to leave. We wish we lived up the road too and we would have if my dad and husband could have worked at the same place, but now we just wait until my dad retires, which is who knows when, and then pray we get transferred. My kids could be grown by then. It sucks we all have to work.

  2. You are so right Shane. Grandparents are a treasure and where would we be without them? I'd hate to imagine. Loved your salute and while we're at it, why not salute a fine Mom. Your kids are so blessed to have you for a Mommy and I know they know it, and will come to realize it even more as they grow older...maybe after they're a little past the teenage years...but it will happen. Kudos to you on another fine post!




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