August 31, 2006

The Beach from the boys perspective

When we went to the beach in June I bought a disposable camera for each of the boys. I gave them free reign over them. I was interested to see what they would think was interesting. Well, I've just gotten them developed and boy was I surprised. I picked out a few of the better ones to share with you. I asked each photographer to name each of their pieces as well. I hope you enjoy!

"Limo Hummer" taken by Bubby

"Frog in bush" taken by Bubby

"Girl in Bikini" taken by Tater Tot (our 5 year old!)

"Toilet paper on a stand?" taken by Tater

"My toes" taken by Bubby

P.S. -- There was also one entitled "Mom's Bahooch," taken by the tiniest photographer, that I opted not to include in this showing (for obvious reasons!).

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