August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I've discovered you can't take the cheap route on. No generic for this's gotta be the real thing or else!

  1. Toilet paper -- gotta be Charmin Ultra
  2. Pop (or "soda" if you wish) -- must be Coke all the way
  3. Chips -- I mean how can you beat Pringles?
  4. Cereal -- no matter how hard they try, the real Capt'n Crunch just can't be duplicated
  5. Potted meat -- who knows what's in the name brand stuff, much less the generic
  6. Lotion - otherwise that stuff just never really absorbs into your skin, it's just a greasy coating
  7. Mint chocolate chip ice cream -- nobody does it better than Breyers
  8. Pop tarts -- have you tried Kellogg's chocolate? Not too healthy, but delicious none the less.
  9. Toothpaste -- has to be Crest "cinnamon rush" for us
  10. Dog food -- how do they know it's not Pedigree?
  11. Peanut butter -- there's none as smooth as Peter Pan
  12. Jam -- Smuckers blackberry is #1
  13. Hot dog wieners - Ballparks really are the biggest

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