September 17, 2006

An evening downtown

Last night we spent a delightful evening down- town. We stopped in a few shops like this one and then this one. Then, we headed straight to our favorite restaurant, Sticky Fingers. They have the best ribs and BBQ you'll find anywhere. While we waited for our table we took in the sights on Main Street. We learned that Tater Tot will be getting a silver Mustang when he "gets big." We watched the horse drawn carriage and pedicab go up and down the street. The boys also informed us that "showing off" (kids revving their car/truck/motorcycle engines) is not cool. Yeah for that! After we were seated the boys were treated to a fun activity. Tonight they made monkey door knob hangers. Of course after we were finished we just had to have their peach cobbler...piping hot. So, so good. With bellies full, we continued on. We saw tons of water fountains, which Bubby loves. Tater Tot also saw his first street performers. He wanted to know why they had a guitar case open with money in it. He thought it was there for us to take a dollar or two. To finish the evening off we rode the trolley from one end of town to the other and back again. That was Tater's first trolley ride too. He said it looked like the one on the back of a penny. (I guess it sort of does resemble a trolley, huh?) We had a really nice time...perfect weather, delicious food and quality time with our boys. I don't know of a better way to spend a Saturday night!

P.S. -- We also found our our "Blues names" at the restaurant. Mine is "Pretty Bad Girl Rivers." You can find out your too, just go here.

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  1. You totally live where my friend lives. She's in Mauldin now, been there about 2 years. Sounds like a good time. I have been craving Memphis BBQ for some time. BTW, my blues name is Fat Liver Thompkins.


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