November 12, 2006

I'm still learning...

Yeah, I learned two new things today! I learned how to do this. I also learned how to open a new browser window when I give you guys a link to another site. Wanna know how too? Tough...I'm not telling. You just have to find out like I did....hunt and search! Yes, I'm serious. Now, go on, get busy!!

Okay, I just couldn't do it. Thanks to Mommy Dearest at Home Sweet Home for posting instructions on how to do the strike-through. I found the other little ditty all by myself here at Blogger Help.

I also added an "email me" button in the "About me" box to the right. Thanks to this nifty little email button generator.

Now, wasn't that a productive day? Well, at least it was in the bloggers world!

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