November 14, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

This is what works for our family every year at Christmas. We buy one ornament for each of the boys. The ornament has to represent something from the previous year. For example, this year for Tater Tot I bought a little boy holding a pile of books and an apple to signify his first day of kindergarten. For Bubby, it was a basketball player to signify his first year playing basketball. We've done this since the boys' very first Christmas. To keep track of all of the ornament's meanings I made a simple "Ornament Memories" form for each boy. It lists the ornament's description, who it was given to them by, the date given and important event it signifies. The boys love going through the list as we unpack the ornaments and decorate the tree each year. Sorry I don't have pictures, but we don't decorate our tree until Dec. 1st. Merry Christmas!!

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**A bonus's a great site if you're really serious about getting organzied for Christmas.


  1. We do the same thing. Jacob is getting a Lightning McQueen one since that is his newest love and Adam, well, he is into hummers for some reason so I am looking out for something like that. I hadn't thought about finding a soccer one for Jacob or even a school one, I should get on that.

  2. My parents did this for me and now 35 years later I have written about it for my blog tomorrow! Not only is it fun to shop for the meaningful ornament, it is a trip down memory lane to decorate the tree! Stop by tomorrow to check it out!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

  4. Oh, I wish you had told me this 11 years ago! It's a great idea. I love a tree with some meaning -- some history and character.


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