November 8, 2006

The Orange Post

This evening as we were preparing to eat supper, Tater Tot wanted to help set the table. Without even being asked, he began getting the plates out of the cabinet. My back was to him as I stirred the contents in the pan. However, I was ready to compliment him on his helping me when...........CRASH! I knew I had been lucky too long and what I had feared would happen finally did.

My tangerine Fiestaware plate laid shattered on the counter. You see, I have a service for ten, each a different color. For 13 years we used the Corelle dishes we received at our wedding shower. Then, two years ago, I decided I wanted "real" dinnerware. I chose Fiestaware because it is made in our home state, good ole West Virginia. Anyway, back to the story......Tater immediately began to cry and ran straight to his room. I didn't even have a moment to say anything. I quickly went up to his room to console him. I found him on his bed, covers pulled over his head, sobbing. I gently uncovered him and cradled him in my arms. With nothing but understanding in my voice I said, "It's okay, honey. I know it was an accident and I'm not mad. Thank you for trying to help me set the table." He composed himself long enough to say, "Mommy, I know you're not mad, but that was my favorite plate!" Then, he began sobbing again.

After we'd eaten, but were still sitting at the table, he hopped down. He got a notebook and pencil and came and stood beside me. He asked, "How do you spell... I'm sorry for?" I told him as though I had no earthly idea why he'd asked. He wrote the letters as carefully as he could and then disappeared to his room. He came back down a few minutes later, handed me the above picture and said, "Actually, I'm sad because it was my favorite plate and because the plate was yours." I may be one plate shy of a set, but at least my Tater Tot is still in one piece (and as sweet as ever).


  1. Ahhh how sweet. That says something about your parenting skills - when your kid feels bad on his own and apologizes from the heart like that.

  2. oh no, the tangerine plate!

    I love my fiestaware too!

    YOu handled that so well, I dont' know if I would have done the same. If I get up to the outlet I will pick you up a plate.


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