November 9, 2006

Walnut Grove Plantation field trip

Yesterday I had the opportunity to accompany Bubby and his classmates on a field trip to Walnut Grove Plantation. This is where the Moore family settled on land that was given to them in Spartanburg County, SC in the late 1700's. It was a brisk, sunny autumn day. The students started off by making candles. They each dipped their strings 15 times. The result was only a small sliver of a candle, but they learned that the Moore children would dip their candles 80+ times to get the necessary size. Next we toured the house. The Moore family were well off and could afford to build a two story home. Their twelve neighbors in all of Greenville & Spartanburg Counties could only build one room cabins. There was also a one room school house, doctors office, many sheds and the Moore family cemetery on the property. You can see all of the pictures and read more here.

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