December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas to all!

First things first.......the stockings!

Payton's new motorcycle helmet. (no he doesn't even own a motorcycle!)

Yeah, it's a PlayStation 2!

The Griswald's, ready to chow down.

Well, we have survived the Griswald Family Christmas of 2006! For the past few days we have had our family of four, our two dogs, my two in-laws and their two dogs, my mom and step-dad here. Yep, that's a bunch. But, the boys have thoroughly enjoyed having both sets of grandparents here for the holidays. What child wouldn't want to be spoiled rotten by two sets at once, right? We've exchanged gifts, toured the light displays at our local Science Center, watched movies, eaten, eaten, and eaten lots more. Although I'm quite anxious to get my house back in order, I know it will patiently wait for me until the holidays are over. That's always such a sad time....taking down the decorations and packing them away for 350 some odd more days. And, although we didn't have a white Christmas, we had a great Christmas! For pictures go here.

P.S. -- To those of you close to our family... you are aware of the difficulties we have faced recently. Please know that we are doing just fine and things are already looking up. We'll update you soon. :)

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  1. The pics were great looks like a wonderful time!


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