December 30, 2006

One heck of a Christmas...

Well, we are spending the last few days of 2006 in WV with hubby's parents, brother and family. It's unbelievably warm here for this time of the low 50's. That is so not the norm. It would usually be closer to freezing...with snow! The boys are actually a little disappointed. They were looking forward to seeing some of the white stuff.

Now that 2006 is coming to a close, I thought I would share what has been going on in our house for the past two weeks. It hasn't been good....

On Dec. 21st hubby lost his job. Yes, 4 days before Christmas! Can you believe that? But, then again, that's corporate America for you. No heart. We were devastated to say the least. We did not see it coming and were quite shocked. After a day of walking around in disbelief, our mood changed to anger. He was accused of running his store (a major retail furniture store) with his heart. Well, how dare he do that! He was also told that he was too much of a "family man." Can you believe I married such a vile man? Apparently, in the eyes of his corporate bosses, that is a character flaw!

We immediately began scouring to see what other opportunities were out there. We really do not want to leave where we are. The boys love their school, we adore our house and neighbors. But, if need be, we would of course.

In the ten days since losing his job, he has gone on one interview and been contacted by three other retailers who are very interested in him. Things are looking up already! We are now convinced that this whole ordeal will be a blessing in disguise. Stay tuned for more details. He has a second interview with a GREAT company on Jan. 2 (his birthday). Wish him luck!

P.S. -- Thanks for letting us take over your room, Cortney. Candance, thanks for sharing our new toy (laptop) with me...I love it.


  1. Will say a prayer that a great opportunity comes out of the loss of the job.

  2. So sorry to hear the news about the job. I will be praying for you guys as you seek God's will at this time. We need some new furniture--I think I will boycott(you know where)?

  3. It looks like ya'll had a good WV Christmas. Those stockings made me teary because I remember my sister making one just like it for Laura, like ten years ago, and we all struggle to wonder what to do with it each year now. It was nice to see your boys with it.

    I am hoping for a good interview for your husband today. I cannot believe anyone, retail or not, would do that so close to the holidays. Surely something much better will come along.

    I am reminded when my best friend's husband was fired on his birthday in 1997, just two months before their second child was to be born. They were devastated. It wasn't a good situation and he had a hard time finding another job and she ended up having to waitress (at TJS, remember that place?) while I kept her kids all day. NOT how she wanted to live. Well, after pounding the pavement he finally found a co. in TX that would allow him to do computer work from his home and he made a bundle....I mean, like sell your house and buy 200 acres of land and build a huge house on it, bundle. He has since opened his own computer business and now a restaurant and they are happy and doing well....much better off than they would have been at that old job. I am sure something similar awaits all of you. Stay positive, which it already sounds like you are.


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