January 6, 2007

More "Taterisms" to enlighten your day

"Know what I learned today, dad? If you have hair, you're in the mammal family. But you're not! You're in the bald family."

He came downstairs the other night and asked if I had more cotton balls. "Why?," I asked. "Just wondering" was his reply. I told him I did then he says..."Well then, you have got to come and see this!" He proceeded to take my hand and lead me to our master bathroom. He had emptied our cotton ball container on the vanity. Why you ask? So he could wet each one with water (thus making spit balls) and throw them onto our mirror. The entire mirror (which is quite large) was covered with them!

Last weekend we were at hubby's brother's house. His Nana noticed that he had skid marks in his underwear and asked him about them. He said, "Well, I'm just going to start using those things mommy uses." We all just looked at him because we had no idea what he was talking about. He soon enlightened us. "You know, those things she puts in her underwear so she won't have skid marks!" Talk about embarrassing.

That's our Tater Tot!! :)

"Mommy, I like you more than anything else I like!"

"I'm glad I'm me"

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  1. Kids! My face would have been red on the last one too..lol


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