January 5, 2007

What I'm going to be thankful for in 2007

Instead of resolutions for '07, I have come up with a list of things that I'm going to be thankful for. So, here goes...I'm going to be thankful for:

  1. The bed I have to make

  2. The clothes I have to wash

  3. The furniture I have to dust

  4. The dishes I have to wash

  5. The shower I have to clean

  6. The floors I have to vacuum

  7. The car I have to put gas in

  8. The line I have to stand in to buy groceries

  9. The bills I have to pay for our utilities

I've come to realize that all of these are a blessing, not a burden. Nothing in life is guaranteed. I am going to live each day to the fullest and be thankful for my chores. Happy 2007!

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