January 13, 2007

Queen of Nicknames

I don't know why it is, but if I'm around a person (or dog) any length of time I will inevitably wind up assigning them a multitude of nicknames. If my family & I were ever out in public, and we communicated only with our nicknames, people would think we were nuts for sure. See what you think:

  • me: Shaney Raney
  • hubby: Goober
  • son 1: Bubby
  • son 2: Tater Tot

And those are just the main ones we use! I suppose you could say I have a nickname fetish because one is just never enough for me. I also call my hubby "Daye," son 1 "Bubbles," and son 2 "Tootle(s)"." Our dogs Bo and Chase have also succumbed to my affliction. They've learned to answer to: "Bozie," "Teddy Bo," "Chasie," and "Chasie Bug." As a matter of fact, it's really a rare occurrence to hear me refer to anyone by their actual given name. My extended family have not escaped either. I call my dad "Weezer," and my grandmother "Lucy Bell." My mom, of course, is "Gee" and my oldest brother is "Jimbob." Growing up we had the most lovable dog named "Andy." Did I ever call him that? Of course not! Around our house he was always "Drew Bucket." Don't ask why because I have no earthly idea. That's just who he was and that's that. Bam Bam, our Yorkie of 14 years, was "Beezie Bones." I know, it's nuts but I can't stop myself. So, if you want an alternative name that will stick like glue, let me know. I'm pretty good at it and will usually come up with one right away.


  1. How funny. I thought I was bad, but now I don't think so...LOL.
    Our daughter goes by Senna (from her brother), and Britt, and Boo (dont know why).
    Our son goes by BraeBrae and Monkey...but no one else has nicknames except I do call my SIL "Crazy" and my brother "Loser Boy"...so I guess I am bad.

  2. Does this nicknaming business mean that we, as your blood family, need to be afraid? I'm already afraid reading about you mopping and baking and cooking and being so darn logical and disciplined. Please tell me this came from your mother's side of the family. Surely this would have kicked in on me by this time, right? I mean, c'mon Shane - me domestic? ME??? You should ask MissKatieJane on Vox about how domestic I am and if we had fun. :-) I'd be interested in what she said. You're wonderful just the way you are. C'est Magnifique. Every family needs someone with a little sense and guess what Shaney Raney, you just got NOMINATED! Oh, your Grandpa will be 82 in 2 days. But you didn't hear that from me. Love, Cousin Susie


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