January 11, 2007

My Husband is at WORK!

I know for most of you that is an every day occurrence, but since Dec. 21, today is a blessing for us. He's starting his new job with five days of training in Charlotte, N.C. I'm sure he'll be bombarded with new information...computer programs, brand history, 50,000+ fabric swatches, company policies, etc. I know he's super excited though. I just pray that his brain will be like a super absorbent sponge and just soak every single drop of it in.

Of course we're really looking forward to the one little thing that we've missed the past few weeks...a paycheck. But, after having him home 24/7 for the past three weeks I sort of hated to see him drive off this morning. It's been nice having my hubby around!

Since he's in Charlotte (all of 1 1/2 hours away) the boys and I are going to take full advantage of it. After their basketball games Saturday, we're going to head east. They love to stay in hotels, especially ones with indoor pools. So, we're going to relax and take in some sights while dad's at work. Then, on Sunday, my in-laws are going to drive down and meet us for a birthday dinner for little ole me. Yep, I turn 36 on the 14th. That's really just too close to 40 for me, but what can I do? So, here's to starting '07 off right.....with a new job and back to normalcy.


  1. That's great.
    We love it when hubby has to do aw ork trip that isnt too far from home so we can all go take advantage of the hotel too!

  2. I hope he likes his new job. Sounds like you are in for a fun weekend. I have promised Jacob a night in a motel, he loves motels, before the baby comes.

    happy birthday!

  3. Shane, I was all set to leave you such a nice comment until I saw that line about "too close to 40". Hmmmm...You're such a baby. I remember 36...like it was...TEN YEARS AGO!! I will be 47 on Feb. 6th. Talk to me baby. Oh yeah, you youngsters just slay me. Fortunately, I've been too busy to study all of the wrinkles I'm sure I am collecting. I hope you had a great weekend and that Darrin had a lovely first day of work. Wow, I'm still stinging over that "40" remark, and I used to think you were such a cute little girl. You're getting just a little too cheeky for me. You've been reading Katie's blog too long - she's having a bad effect on you! :-) Love, your really OLD cousin, Susie


Yippee! I love it when you leave me comments. Thanks a bunch. :)