February 22, 2007

February in the South

Sometimes I really miss "home." Home is where hubby and I are from. It's where we still have tons of friends and family. But, today wasn't one of those days. Today it was 73 degrees here in the south. That, I LOVE. I have never been a big fan of winter. At "home" (West Virginia) there were many, many days that it would be in the teens in the winter time. Weeks would go by that we wouldn't even see our grass because it was covered with snow. Here, in the south, we have Easter lillies in our backyard that are already in full bloom. The local stores already have their stock of spring/summer flowers out. Winter items are already in the clearance aisles. That's why.......I love February in the south! See my post on this very subject from this time last year. You'll see our beautiful "winter lillies."


  1. My DH and I were both born and raised in Maryland. About 3 years ago we packed up our 2 girls and the dog and headed to FL. Today it was 80'.

    I'm sick with the cold/flu,yet instead of being all wrapped up in trying to keep warm - I got to sit out in the sun and actual 'sweat' out some of this cold.

    I LOVE FL. I am not a cold person at all and don't miss shoveling snow at all!

    Enjoy your sunshine!!

  2. Anonymous9:46 PM

    it was warm here today too...windows...OPEN! blessings!

  3. Gotta love the south! I know I do. It was 73 here also...Me and my kids plus our SAHM group went to the park and had lunch. It was amazing!!

  4. Easter lillys are one of the most beautiful flowers. I am enjoying the warmer weather here in FL. It is suspose to get to the 80s this weekend, hard to believe...

  5. Shane, isn't it the truth? I can't imagine living back in WV and winter was the WORST. I haven't lived there since Aug. 1985 but my gosh, some memories are so vivid and all of those gray days... Miss Katie is missing the south, but otherwise doing well. She and John are "moving on up" to the Upper West Side. I'm going to try and go up there in mid-March. I can't wait to see it but it's a 4th floor walk-up...I better start training now. :-) Keep writing - you're so great.

  6. Oh to have 70's and 80's..months away here I'm sure! tried to leave a comment on your ADHD blog but it wouldn't let me. I have 3 teen/preteen boys with Tourettes, ADHD, OCD and add mom (me) to the group and it's fun at our house!!! Enjoying reading your info..

  7. Ah, we miss winter. I get so sad when my mom tells me about all the snow they are getting. She, of course, isn't thrilled with it though.

    I did enjoy our 83 degree afternoon on Wed. Unheard of in WV this time of year.

    We got married in mid June in WV and we had our rehearsal dinner outside at our home and I bought a nice summery dress for it and had to scrap it to dig out my winter clothes and sleep in flannel pjs that night...it was COLD in June.


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