February 4, 2007

I may never leave the couch!

I can already see it...my house will never be clean again, the laundry will never be "caught up" and we'll be ordering a lot of delivery for supper. Why? Because my behind may never leave the comfort of our family room couch now that I have a laptop. Hubby got it for me as a slightly belated birthday gift. The TV is tuned to HGTV, my feet are propped up on the ottoman, sweet tea is at my side and I'm surfing the web. Oh the joy! I'm too spoiled. Thanks for the best gift every, honey! I may even share it with you once in a while (a very short while).

P.S. - If you know us at all you know he didn't pay retail for it. That's a sin in our house. Yep, another extremely satisfactory ebay purchase. Ebay rocks!


  1. Congratulations - way cool! And you figured out your header. You go, girl!

  2. Congrats, reminds me of the commercial "I am free" (the little puppet from Best Buy).

    I got two computers off of ebay, but this last one we got from Dell, but that is a long story.



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