February 4, 2007

When did they move Daylight Saving time?

I feel like I've been hiding under a rock or something. I read in today's paper that starting this year, daylight saving time starts four weeks earlier. Apparently, in August 2005, Congress extended it in the name of energy efficiency. What? Where in the world was I? I never heard anything about this. It's not like Congress usually consults with me before voting on important matters, but geez! You'd think it would have garnered a mention on the evening news at least. So, I guess the majority of the U.S. will enjoy more daylight beginning March 11th and going through November 4th. So, in case you've been in the dark too (pun intended), mark your calendars now.

P.S. - I also learned that there is no "s" on the end of daylight saving time. And to think I've been saying it wrong all these years!


  1. I was just noticing that on my calendar too and had no idea about it.

    I actually hate it because thats four extra weeks the dang neighbor kids will be out an extra hour tearing up our yard and brutalizing my children.

  2. Yeah I heard about it but you have to be a news junkie like I am. It was well hidden, small print last page and all =) I complained about it because my family lives in Phx and I am in FL the time change is a big deal.

    I too have been saying it wrong also.


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