February 18, 2007


Payton climbing door

I asked, "So, what center did you go to in school today? Blocks?" He replied, "No, I'm taking a break from blocks."

While addressing his Valentine's day cards to his classmates he stopped and said, "I have to rest a minute. My hand is getting grouchy."

Payton recently asked me, "How come when I'm sick you take care of me and Daddy just watches TV?"

"How do Nana and Papa (hubby's parents) get money if neither of them work?" I answered, "well they are retired and get money from Papa's old job." "But what will they do when the money runs out?" He's six people...SIX!

I recently overheard Tater asking a friend, "Do you think I'm too little to be a Romeo?" His friend told him, "No, man!" I'm not quite sure what that means but I'm a little worried.

Tater Tot recently pooted while he was in the same room as me. His daddy said, "What have I told you about doing that in front of girls?" Tater answered, "Dad, I wasn't in front of her. I was behind her!"

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  1. why does daddy watch tv while he's sick? LOL? Good observation. Same thing at our house.


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