March 23, 2007


I laid out Tater's clothes for him to wear to school. He came downstairs in a totally different outfit. When I asked him why his response was, "You are not making me wear Tigger to school." Apparently a "Tigger" sweatshirt is okay to wear at home but not at school! Who knew? (notice the sweatshirt in the picture?)

"Mom, did you know I have two little guys on my shoulder? They help me out when I have problems. Like, they tell me the answers during math superstars at school." Wow! If only we all had "two little guys."

"I don't like the kind of milk that comes from a cow. I only like the kind that comes from a jug!"

"Mom, did you know that pink and purple are boyfriend and girlfriend?" (yes, he was talking about the colors folks)

What language do you speak in the bathroom? .....................European!

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  1. So cute! I love all the things our kids say...if only I could remember them all.


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