March 13, 2007

Bonding at the Arenacross Series

Last Saturday night we took the boys to see the Toyota Areanacross Series downtown. I was really reluctant to go. I thought it would be a wonderful bonding experience for daddy and the boys. But, they thought I should tag along and experience the excitement for myself. So, I spent 2 1/2 hours surrounded by thousands of men and boys who were totally in their element. Dirt, motorcycles, speed, jumps....yeah I could see why they were all so excited. But, it just didn't do a thing for me. However, I did delight in watching Tater Tot. After all, if you'll remember he was a dirt bike rider for Halloween last year. This is his life ambition after all. So, needless to say, he could not have been happier. He planned for this event big time. He wore his "Fox" motorcycle shirt, had me fix his hair into a mohawk and even took his dirt bike helmet with him to get it signed. He's a smart kid. Garrett wasn't all that impressed. He was ready to go after about 15 minutes. He said, "at least I'll know not to come next year." My sentiments exactly. From now on I think Tater Tot and daddy can handle the dirt bike scene on their own.

Tater with his signed helmet

Yes, that's also Tater's toy dirt bike Jim Neese is signing.

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