April 11, 2007

Kingdom Heirs Concert

We recently attended a southern gospel concert by The Kingdom Heirs. We've seen them numerous times over the past 8+ years. They are at Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN seven months out of the year and tour the rest. We just love them to pieces. They're singing is unparalled in southern gospel music. They bass singer is the lowest we've ever heard. They even add a little humor into each show. And.....I just happened to grow up with their drummer, Dennis Murphy. Of course back then he was known as "Denny." He lived right across the alley from me. We couled hear him practicing on his drums in the metal building behind his house. By the way....he's gotten much better! As always, we purchased several CD's. Give Me The Mountain is our favorite. Especially track number five, The Day Before He Saved Me. The boys are even singing that one. So, if you're going to be in eastern TN in the near future I highly recommend you stop by Dollywood and give then a listen. You will not be sorry, I promise. If that's not possible, I can also highly recommend any of their CD's. We have them all and listen to them regularly.

P.S. - When Bubby came out for church Easter Sunday, Tater Tot said, "You look like a little Kingdom Heir!"

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  1. Oh I love Southern Gospel music. I am an old fashion girl when it comes to music. I will check them out. Thanks for the recommendation.


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