April 12, 2007

Spring Break 2007

Last week was spring break for our boys. Tater Tot headed to WV for a week of spoiling at Gee and Paw's. Bubby, on the other hand, went to NC to spend some quality time with Nana and Papa. That left hubby and I here all alone. All alone for six days. Yeah!! Oh, umm, I mean boo hoo. Hubby and I had a wonderful time I must say. We had a date night every single night. We ate at Chili's, Miyabi, Brixx, Steak and Ale, and a few other places. I even got to go to Charlotte, NC with him for a meeting and to spend the night. But, that's a whole other post in itself. Although we had some much needed alone time, that lifestyle really would get so boring after a while. We met back up with the boys Saturday evening at Nana and Papa's. We spent the weekend with them. Boy, that NC weather is something. It was in the 30's all weekend. Burr! And, it was even worse in WV. They had snow! Snow for spring break. Tater Tot loved it though. We left for home Monday afternoon. The boys had a hard time saying goodbye. They both cried at bedtime because they missed their grandparents. It was so sad. But, now we're back into the swing of things and life is back to normal. Or, as hubby says, "Just Another Day in Paradise."

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