April 16, 2007

The Soccer Season has started

A prayer before the game

The first kick of the new season

Taking a break during the game!

Tater posing for me

Tater is playing at the YMCA again this year. His team is called the "Sharks." They played the "Tigers" for the season opener. They came from behind to tie it up, 3 to 3 in the end. This year, in the 6 & 7 year old age group, they play on a regular size field. Last year is was only half as long. Needless to say Tater was pretty tired after the game.


  1. Oh I love it. My kids are playing at the YMCA also (soccer) our season is about half way through.

    Great pictures!!

  2. little boys and big sports! these are fabulous pictures shane!


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