April 12, 2007

Easter Sunday


Here's a picture of the boys on Easter Sunday. The picture above was taken when Tater Tot was 1 1/2 and Bubby was 4. Darrin told me not to dress Tater in that suit because he'd never forgive me. But, I think he looks adorable. This year, they picked out their suits, shirts and ties. They wanted to match. They even got new Easter shoes. Since we were in NC at the in-law's, I left the Easter bunny a note at our house. Luckily, he found Nana and Papa's house without any trouble.



  1. 2001 pic is adorable 2007 pic shows off your two very handsome boys!!

  2. So handsome! I think they look great!

  3. aaaaawww- they look so kyoooooot!!


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